Don’t get mad, but, while the best Albanian food is clearly in a small neighborhood in the Bronx, all the reviews were like, “the food is really good, but why are they staring at me the whole time”, and “is this place like an Albanian guy’s clubhouse?”  So we did the next best thing, and found Balkanika.  It was a good Balkan place, and we were careful to order Albanian Mezes and Bureks.  Read my review on Yelp here.

Next week: Algeria (any suggestions?)



Success! We began the world-wide eating odyssey with the Afghanistan Kebab House, on 9th Ave, b/t 51 and 52nd st.  Nothing fancy, but it was a solid success.  Find my review right here on Yelp.

Join us next week: Albania.

Eat the whole world

Over kimchi and dumplings in Ktown last week, it occured to us that the world is bigger than Korean BBQ, and Taco Tuesday.  What about the Albanians, the Swahilis, and the Norwegians?  Let’s expand our horizons.


And so eat the whole world was born.  We’ll dine on ethnic food from every country — all 257 of them, starting with Afghanistan, and ending with Zimbabwe.  This happens every Wednesday — and you’re invited.  We’re starting with Afghani kebabs this week.  Join us for Zimbabwe oxtail in 5 years.  See you there.